If you’re looking for a fantastic meal, exceptional service, and a wonderful atmosphere,
visit Brad, Judy, and the amazing staff at The Red Brick Deli 2 in Murphy, North Carolina. You’ll be so glad you did!

We Make GREAT FOOD not Fast Food

Nestled in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, the Red Brick Deli 2 is a charming, husband-and-wife-owned gem that transports you straight to the old style delis of New York City. This cozy deli exudes warmth and authenticity, with the aroma of freshly baked desserts and the fresh ingredients used for the savory creations wafting through the air.

Every bite at Red Brick Deli 2 is a journey of flavor, from their towering Reuben sandwiches, generously stuffed with succulent corned beef, tangy sauerkraut, and creamy Russian dressing, to their silky, rich Brick’s Key Lime Pie that melts in your mouth. The rustic, brick-walled ambiance is perfect for savoring a bite for lunch with a friend or indulging in a classic dessert over coffee.

Brad and Judy, the passionate owners, infuse each dish with love and tradition, making every meal a celebration of authentic deli cuisine. Whether you’re a local or a traveler, Red Brick Deli 2 promises a delicious escape to the culinary comforts of a true New York deli, right in the picturesque setting of the Appalachian Mountains in downtown historic Murphy, North Carolina.

Red Brick Deli 2
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Peter RoePeter Roe
18:09 08 Jul 24
Awesome lunch spot
19:50 07 Jul 24
Sorry, folks, this was a major disappointment. Had the egg salad (hardly any flavor) and came with a handful of potato chips out of a bag and a pickle slice (meh) for over $12. Nope. Wife's turkey wrap ($15.55 plus $2.08 for potato salad upgrade) was equally unimpressive. Hope they get this fixed. Cute place with nice people.
R HosmerR Hosmer
22:07 02 Jul 24
Good sandwiches, but more than a little pricey. 2 sandwiches, waters, $40 with tip.
L powersL powers
15:22 01 Jul 24
Good food and good friendly service..
ryan pimentaryan pimenta
20:12 21 Jun 24
It’s wonderful to have a deli nearby. However, $15.50 for a turkey sandwich is outrageous. I can get the best burger or sandwich across the street for $10-$12 and it’s far better. A deli should be reasonable and fast. Since they’re only open 4 hours a day the food should be amazing. The sandwich as bland and the pasta salad side was tiny. What’s going on here folks. This place should be packed and there’s usually only a few people eating. Lower your prices and up the food quality.
Vinny PimentaVinny Pimenta
19:56 21 Jun 24
Today I went to this deli expecting to get good service and food. I was wrong, I had to ask multiple times for my drinks, and when food came it was okay, small portions, you don’t get enough food for the price, sandwich was 15 dollars. When I left I automatically got explosive diarrhea. It was like Yellowstone volcano eruption in my pants. Not coming back…toilet aftermath below 👇
17:57 01 Jun 24
Their credit card machine went down while we were eating. Luckily we had cash but the couple next to us didn’t. The Deli had the husband go blocks down to find a bank to get cash while the wife waited. It was embarrassing for them, the Deli should have comped their food. It was not their fault. Other than that, I enjoyed the Italian sandwich and cookie. Sides could use some work.
Leslie WLeslie W
19:34 28 May 24
I went there to get out of the heat during a street festival. I ordered the green salad with egg salad, tuna salad and chicken salad on top. It was terribly bland. I'm pretty sure that all three of the salads were made by adding only mayonnaise to the primary ingredient. I ordered a brownie when I ordered the rest of my meal and my server told me to wait until the end of the meal to order dessert. So when I asked for the brownie at the end of the meal, the server told me that they were out of them. When I went to check out and pay for my food, I saw the brownies in the bakery case and bought one. The brownie was very good. I will return to get another brownie. I can't imagine trying anything else on the menu.
Steve SimmonsSteve Simmons
21:15 24 May 24
Wow is the only word for this place! One of the few great local delis left. Very quaint vintage building. They have a good variety of sandwiches and wraps. Meats are freshly sliced on site.I enjoyed a Cuban sandwich and the wife feasted on the Rachael wrap. I took a chance on the potato salad and I was fast from disappointed. Probably the tastiest potato salad I have ever experienced. The finale came in an oversized brownie.Service was extraordinary. Very attentive and friendly.Must repeat on our Murphy NC restaurant list.
Brittany ChasseBrittany Chasse
19:38 26 Apr 24
Giving this place two stars due to their amazing customer service! But I been here 4 times and without fail they get my order wrong. The last time I went I ordered a bagel and soup. Bagel was great! Soup had a big piece of plastic in it. Due to that I will not be back. I have given up on this place.